Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Specialists

Vehicle sluggish, no acceleration, fuel economy gone?

If the answer is yes to any of the above questions then your diesel Particulate Filter is more than likely blocked. Enviro Exhaust has the answer for you!

We offer an environmentally friendly service for all vehicles including cars, vans, trucks and plant vehicles. We offer various services backed by our no quibble guarantee and a no charge if we cannot clean.

Our process utilises the state of the art and proven technology cleaning process, machinery purposely designed for the cleaning of DPF, DOC’s, SCR’s and Catalytic converters.

Flash Cleaner Machine


On arrival the DPF is allocated a job number which is engraved onto the main body of the DPF. If the unit has been stripped down prior to delivery then both parts (DOC and the DPF) will have the same job number engraved on each unit.

A maintenance sheet is allocated to each job and the company and vehicle details are recorded on the sheet prior to work commencing.

A thorough visual inspection externally and internally with a bore-scope camera is undertaken. If any defects are found we will advise you immediately before proceeding.

The Flash Cleaner Machine will then perform a pre-clean flow test to gauge the level of soot content in the DPF.

The high pressure system then back flushes the DPF to remove the carbon and soot build-up followed by the drying cycle.

A post clean flow test is performed.

A DPF report is produced for the customer showing the before and after flow test results.


NOTE: The particulates that are cleaned from your DPF are captured & contained in a purpose built ultra-fine particulate filter trap within our machine. They are then disposed of at a council approved hazardous waste disposal site.
This ensures we are doing everything we can to minimise the impact on the environment.

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